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Sub-Second Orientation Mar 13, 2023 Log When a visitor encounters a web-page for the first time, they will ask and answer three questions within about one second: What is this Friction Can Be Good Mar 8, 2023 Log Something I have noticed as content, software, and product design have attempted to eradicate friction is that friction is not necessarily a bad Sunk Costs for Spite Jun 18, 2018 Log The city where I work just spent the last two weeks clearing out a few patches of land in between the four-lane main thoroughfare in and out of Dada, Sit Here Jun 14, 2018 Log S said her first sentence this morning. I was sitting on the coffee table in the living room, putting on my shoes, when she climbed up and sat Mind and Body Jun 6, 2018 Log Minds are complicated. We can think about so many things at once that to say that one’s mind and body are in the same “place” at all times is hardly Design in a Vacuum Jun 3, 2018 Log The baby has been put to bed. There is still plenty of daylight left. There are many definitions of “design.” One I liked for a while goes like Clocks Jun 2, 2018 Log Heavy rain. SA is napping; SE is swapping out our modem. I like clocks. I always have. I like the way they look, the way they work, and the way You Are Here Jun 1, 2018 Log Hello from a silent office. No one is here but me. KM and I spent the day together as planned months ago. He’s on a serious sabbatical from work Quietly Discoverable May 31, 2018 Log Hi from a quiet house that smells of roasting beets. I’ve decided that writing a semi-public journal might be an interesting experience. Public in