I am a designer with twenty years of experience in interaction design, design systems and training, design leadership, and business and marketing strategy.

I’m the Chief Design Officer at Newfangled. I manage our design services teams that deliver work across a variety of channels — content, web, and product.

Over the last decade, I have also personally consulted 195 creative, digital, and marketing firms on how to better understand audience attention, leverage design and technology to make the best use of it, and measure the signals that matter.

Professional Chronology

Title, Organization Date(s)
Chief Design Officer, Newfangled 2018-Present
Board Chair, First Presbyterian Day School 2022-2024
Board Member, First Presbyterian Day School 2019-2024
Creator, Design Tomorrow podcast 2018-2019
Program Director, HOW Interactive Conference 2014-2015
Contributing Editor, Smashing Magazine 2013-2014
Board Member, Carrboro Economic Sustainability Commission 2012-2015
Chief Operating Officer Newfangled 2012-2018
Author, The Strategic Web Designer, HOW Books 2012
Contributing Editor, Interaction, PRINT Magazine 2011-2012
Vice President Newfangled 2008-2012
Designer, Developer, and Project Manager Newfangled 2004-2008
Adjunct Faculty, RISD 2004
Freelance, Human Progress Landscape 2003-2005

I graduated with a BFA with Honors from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003.

Where in the World

I live and work in Durham, North Carolina, USA, from my homestead with my wife, two children, dog, and six chickens. We are guarded by six hawks that maintain our perimeter. Our commune grows ever larger with one sibling and their family just four doors down and two sets of parents within sight of our front step in either direction. Proximity is good.


You can reach me by good old-fashioned email (butler.christopher {at} proton dot me) or, if you must, on LinkedIn.

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