Hello, I'm Chris.

Designer at Newfangled. I love to learn, make and improve things, write, discuss ideas, and just observe.


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June 19, 2024

The Internet Isn't for Humans Anymore

Bots use the internet more than we do; use shapes design....

June 16, 2024

visual journal – 2024 June 1 - June 16

An End (10 images)...

June 5, 2024

Link – Johannes Klingebiel's Personal Website

johannesklingebiel.de is a really nice personal website....

June 2, 2024

The AI Designer

The AI Designer is a powerful notion, but it is incomplete....

June 1, 2024

visual journal – 2024 May 20 - June 1

Faces (10 images)...

May 25, 2024

Investing in Creativity

Investing in creativity is incremental effort and cumulative reward....

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