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you have stumbled upon an artifact of the early 21st century — a collection of text files written by Christopher Butler


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The Place Where We ShelterActive ErasureProgress BombsComputer NostalgiaDigital Resistance is DeletionUnexpected and Realistic AI HeadlinesFacebook Isn’t NecessaryTalking to MachinesBehind Every Robot is a HumanWords MatterWe Don’t Fear the FutureHow to Design a Different FutureThe Magic of Ordinary ObjectsWhen the World Around You ShookUnchecked Attention AvariceHow to Think About the FutureSympathy for the SimTechnopiateBeneath the Interface LayerHow to Get Your Time BackUpgrading Our Way OutTime’s First PrinciplesBack to the Real FutureStreet RitualThe dream of the Nineties is alive…It won’t be interesting until we can’t see it anymore.Step aside, keep quiet, and listen.Greetings from the Rubbish PatchThe Last Thing We NeedEnter the VoidWhat is an idea worth?The Designer Stands FirmAdvertising is an AnachronismThe Cost of Cognitive SurplusA.I. is U.I.The way to make good things is to make many things.Neighborhoods, the Anti-AlgorithmEveryone is someone else’s marketer…Don’t Think About the FutureThrough the Looking GlassFutures of Making and BeingLiner Notes for a Lifetime MixWe’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow.We are all working for different futures.Hyper-local NIMBYism (and Other Easy Critiques)The Inexorable March of ConvenienceA cup of tea and a crowbar materialize in space…Take TimeThe Disappointment of NowGuts

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