Quietly Discoverable

Hi from a quiet house that smells of roasting beets.

I’ve decided that writing a semi-public journal might be an interesting experience. Public in that it’s here; Google can crawl it; you can find it. Semi in that I’m not telling anyone about it. I wonder sometimes whether anything is quietly discoverable anymore.

The most important thing that differentiates a blog from every other form of published writing is freedom. Total freedom. I can write anything I want.

After almost a couple of decades of the blog, it’s too easy to take its format for granted. But we shouldn’t. A blog is special. Perhaps even more so now that we have the tweet, the wall post, the instagram, the snap. And I would further differentiate the blog from the self-published personal essay, where there is an impulse — a need — to edit one’s self — to impose a rigor — to earn the reader’s attention. A blog need do no such thing. I can write anything I want.


31 May 2018