About this Website

This site is owned and maintained from a little half-city-half-country house in Durham, NC by Christopher Butler.

This site was created using Blot, a wonderfully simple flat-file CMS that lets me maintain ownership over every piece of content I create.

That means that this page — and every other page on my site — is a simple text file that I wrote using either TextEdit or iA Writer and saved to Dropbox, a cloud-based file storage and management system. Pretty neat, right?

Believe it or not, I’m using one of Blot’s default themes (it’s called “Blog”) but I’ve customized it. I can do that because Blot gives me access to every line of code of its templates and CSS, not just bits and pieces of them. So, I have designed and configured what you see here, but the engineering credit goes to David Merfield, the creator of Blot.

All text is set in Inter.

Occasionally, I’ll include an image or a photo on a page, and unless otherwise noted, they’re created by me.

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