Design for AI

If the majority of attention your webpage gets is from AI, not humans, what does it need to look like? How does it need to work?

When mobile device browsers first became a design problem, some people said that the best way to solve it was with two sets of markup — one for desktop browsers and another for mobile. It was a bad idea for lots of reasons, not least of which was that there was no “one” mobile condition. Responsive design was a better solution.

But what about this time? Will there be a “responsive design” to AI? Media queries for periodic LLM scrapes? Or will we start building one website for the AIs so that we still exist in the Googleverse and another for humans?

After all, a “good” website for an AI is an entirely different looking, feeling, and functioning thing than for a human.

Written by Christopher Butler on May 18, 2024,   In Log

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