6:00pm Christmas Day — Multiple UFO Sighting — Durham, North Carolina

My wife, children, and I witnessed a cluster of high-flying, unidentified objects at 6pm on Christmas Day.

At 6pm on the evening of Christmas Day, 2021, in Durham, NC, my wife and I were preparing to walk our children down the street to their grandparents’ house for Christmas dinner with our extended family.

My nearly six-year-old daughter opened our front door and headed toward the driveway, on her way down toward the sidewalk. I followed behind her with my newborn son in his stroller. I was facing our neighbor’s home and looking up in the sky several feet (from my vantage point) above their roof. It was not yet fully dark, though the sun had already dropped below the horizon and some of the early evening stars were visible.

At that moment, I saw a bright, white light — larger and brighter than a star — quickly pass from my right to the left, following an uneven/erratic flight path. After crossing several inches of the observable sky, it disappeared. When it did, another light came suddenly into view where the first light had began and followed its own erratic path in the same direction, similarly “popping out” of view in the same area. Several lights quickly followed, no one following the exact path or speed as any other.

I shouted for my wife to come out quickly. The front door was still open and she rushed out and stood by me and was able to witness the last of the lights. I’d estimate that there were somewhere between 8-12 total, and their passage through the sky lasted about a minute.

What we observed was unlike any other sighting I have had, and was specifically distinguishable from conventional aircraft, meteors, or satellites — including the Starlink constellation. I was not able to capture this sighting in a photograph or video.

Written by Christopher Butler on December 25, 2021,   In Log

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