Link — wove Website is a really nice website.

The more complex the visual language, the more difficult it is to interpret. wove gets this. The visual language they use is quite simple, as is their copywriting. It’s as if they took E.B. White’s advice to heart comprehensively — both in the text editor and on the visual plane.

But it’s not austere; there is a humility to it, and a playfulness, too. The line drawings are approachable, nicely rendered but not showy.

The overall impression I get here is that wove is interested in communicating through their website, not just showing or performing as most creative services firms tend to do. I really appreciate that.

Their /projects page is as simple as can be, allowing the subtleties to shine — the rounded corners, the soft color transitions on hover, the consistent and ample spacing between elements.

Also,, part of the wove group, carries this visual language forward into a website focused on wove’s interaction design work. A beautiful landing page.

Written by Christopher Butler on May 24, 2024,   In Links

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