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I just read an insightful post from Russell Davies about how screens are getting boring. He elaborates:

“It’s really hard to impress anyone with stuff on a screen any more. However clever you’ve been. However much thought you’ve put in. However good the tech is. No-one’s impressed. They’ve all seen better stuff in ads and movies anyway - when will onscreen stuff be as good as that? Whereas doing stuff in the real world still seems to delight and impress people. Really simple stuff with objects looks like magic. Really hard stuff with screens still just looks like media.”

I completely agree. I was lamenting to a friend recently that I am always disappointed when I see scientific renderings these days- they are always way less impressive that the illustrations that artists used to do by hand. For example, most renderings of dinosaurs are done digitally these days, but I much prefer the old hand-painted illustrations, however inaccurate they may be.

Written by Christopher Butler on January 19, 2009,   In Essays

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