My Setup

I work from home and am fortunate to share a lovely office space with my wife.

We have two Floyd dining tables against one wall that we use for desks. They are incredibly sturdy, simple, and spacious and make for great desks.

In between the desks is a Husky Industrial 52” 9-drawer Tool Chest, which is probably the greatest storage item I have ever used. It is fitted with casters, making moving it around very easy. (I kind of wish all our lower kitchen cabinets were replaced with these.)

I’ll list a few things below in multiple places for categorical reasons.

On the Desk


Audio Equipment

The Space

We really fitted this space out starting in 2020 when we were here all_the_time. It’s now a great space to spend most of the day. Even Lexie, our lovely teenage pup, agrees.

The office gets great sunlight from two directions, is a cozy guest room when it needs to be, and somehow houses hundreds of books and magazines, including my wife’s nearly twenty-year collection of New Yorkers on the shelves I built to the right of the door.

That Husky rolling storage chest is also a great surface for kid magnet play.