This site was created using Blot, a wonderfully simple flat-file CMS that lets me maintain ownership over every piece of content I create.

That means that this page — and every other page on my site — is a simple text file that I wrote using either TextEdit or iA Writer and saved to Dropbox, a cloud-based file storage and management system. Pretty neat, right?

Believe it or not, I’m using one of Blot’s default themes (it’s called Default”) but I’ve customized it a bit. I can do that because Blot gives me access to every line of code of its templates and CSS, not just bits and pieces of them. So, I styled it, but the design credit goes to David Merfield, the creator of Blot.

All text is set in Roboto Sans.

Occasionally, I’ll include an image or a photo on a page, and unless otherwise noted, they’re created by me.

Copyright © 2009 - Forever Christopher Butler
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